Saturday, June 20, 2015

The allure of Hotel Silver...

Hotel Silver...I am always looking for a piece to add to my collection...I have been collecting vintage hotel silver for twenty is beautiful & rare..maybe that's why collectors are drawn to these wonderful objects from the past. For many enthusiasts the initial attraction is visual...others are drawn to the history of the pieces. Some collectors search for silver from hotels or restaurants that have a significant meaning for them. When I started collecting hotel silver, I  could easily find pieces in England & France...flatware, teapots, cream & sugars were it's a different story...all the older pieces are hard to find. The market is full of reproductions, which can be nicely done...unfortunately these pieces won't have the patina & weight of the earlier ones. Always check the marks...Silver tells us much of its history in the marks...Hotel Silver usually says silver soldered, the maker and the establishment on the bottom of the piece or on the front. I was fortunate to find two pieces from the Plaza Hotel at an estate sale...both are large pieces, a Samovar and a large domed footed serving stand...both were marked under the bottom Plaza Hotel...the seller never saw the marks & I wasn't certain until I cleaned the pieces & found them. Both are prized possessions, that would be hard to replace. Sharing with you some wonderful example of Hotel Silver...
A beautifully displayed collection of  vintage  hotel silver creamers & teapots
Fabulous silver flatware from The Fairmont Hotel
Plaza Hotel Samovar & Domed Serving stand from Rue 27 Maison
Antique & Vintage hotel silver & silver 
Vintage Hotel Silver at Rue 27 Maison
Beautiful patina on these French knives
English hotel silver teapots are usually easy to find...
Beautiful collection of hotel silver...artfully displayed
Vintage hotel silver teapots with monogram covered handles
The patina of Hotel Silver is the draw to collect for many...
Biltmore Hotel serving pieces
French Hotel Silver from Paris Hotel Boutique

Until next time...happy hunting...Cheers!