Friday, May 16, 2014

collecting....Brown Transferware

Collecting transferware is always in style...Transferware is about as close as you can get to printing on ceramics. Developed in Staffordshire England in around 1760, the technique consists of transferring a print from an engraved and inked copper plate to a sheet of paper.
The paper is then applied to the unfired clay, earthenware or bone china, which absorbs the ink from the paper. After the paper is removed, the clay is glazed and fired.
Staffordshire had long been a center for fine ceramics, but the Industrial Revolution made the area a center for mass-produced wares for England’s growing middle class. Transferware permitted potteries to produce far more than if they were hand painting. The sources for the earliest transferware designs were 18th-century blue-and-white porcelain platters and plates from China, which were very popular in England at the time. Italian and French scenes were also replicated in blue on white. Brown, green & other colors were soon produced. 
Today, collectors choose transferware based on the pottery, the color, the subject, or even the border. Blue transferware is a fave of many, brown in the last few years, has become highly collected & more difficult to find. I love to see a table of brown transferware in all different, mixed patterns....Sharing with you a few of my faves...
Beautiful antique platter from Foxgloves Antiques
Rue 27 Maison
Vintage brown transferware dessert set at Rue 27 Maison
Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles
Gorgeous browns...via Architectural Digest
Love the details...
Beautiful setting from Martha Stewart
Beautiful brown transferware from Back Porch Musings
Rustic chic place setting...
Cabin & Cottage
Fabulous in an antique French armoire via Sweet Carolina Blues
Love the brown transferware with the whites...
Always time for a cup of Earl Grey....
Until next time...Cheers!

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