Sunday, May 25, 2014

Summertime....and the living is easy!

Summertime....I know it's not officially here, this weekend, Memorial Day, when we honor those who have served our country...seems to always be the beginning of summer for many of us. Summertime...long sun filled days...beautiful grass...brilliant blue skies...summer fruits & vegetables...everything seems fresh & new. I love to dine outside always...summer's picnics & al fresco dining is definitely a treat to be enjoyed as much as possible during the next few months. Sharing with you a few fave ideas for summer dining...and to all the brave men & women, we honor this weekend, the thank yous we say will never be enough for your  honorable service for all of us.
Summer picnic in the country..
Fresh fruits & flowers...
Lunch at Rue 27 Maison
Rosemary...freshly picked peaches..baquette with Pimm's Lemonade...
Beautiful summer picnic..
Enjoying the day & summer's best wines...
A summer delight..Bloody Marys with a fabulous garnish
Perfect summer picnic salads...
Lovely summer al fresco...

Until next time...Cheers & Happy Memorial Day!

Friday, May 16, 2014

collecting....Brown Transferware

Collecting transferware is always in style...Transferware is about as close as you can get to printing on ceramics. Developed in Staffordshire England in around 1760, the technique consists of transferring a print from an engraved and inked copper plate to a sheet of paper.
The paper is then applied to the unfired clay, earthenware or bone china, which absorbs the ink from the paper. After the paper is removed, the clay is glazed and fired.
Staffordshire had long been a center for fine ceramics, but the Industrial Revolution made the area a center for mass-produced wares for England’s growing middle class. Transferware permitted potteries to produce far more than if they were hand painting. The sources for the earliest transferware designs were 18th-century blue-and-white porcelain platters and plates from China, which were very popular in England at the time. Italian and French scenes were also replicated in blue on white. Brown, green & other colors were soon produced. 
Today, collectors choose transferware based on the pottery, the color, the subject, or even the border. Blue transferware is a fave of many, brown in the last few years, has become highly collected & more difficult to find. I love to see a table of brown transferware in all different, mixed patterns....Sharing with you a few of my faves...
Beautiful antique platter from Foxgloves Antiques
Rue 27 Maison
Vintage brown transferware dessert set at Rue 27 Maison
Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles
Gorgeous browns...via Architectural Digest
Love the details...
Beautiful setting from Martha Stewart
Beautiful brown transferware from Back Porch Musings
Rustic chic place setting...
Cabin & Cottage
Fabulous in an antique French armoire via Sweet Carolina Blues
Love the brown transferware with the whites...
Always time for a cup of Earl Grey....
Until next time...Cheers!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

a new location.....Rue 27 Maison

A busy, fun filled week moving into Newport Avenue Antique Center in Ocean Beach, a beautiful eclectic array of cafes & antique shoppes. Met lots of new merchants, shopped some for current projects & moved into our new location. Also had wonderful seafood....

 SAN DIEGO'S LARGEST ANTIQUE DESTINATION, THE OCEAN BEACH ANTIQUE DISTRICT, is where you'll find the greatest concentration of antique and collectible shops in San Diego County, all filled with ever-changing furnishings and design ideas for your home. For two decades this popular shopping spot on Newport Avenue has been the main source for designers, collectors and those in the trade. The district can provide a full day of treasure hunting or be your first choice when looking for that particular piece. In one of the most unique beach communities in San Diego, the district encompasses two blocks, all within walking distance, and all within view of the Pacific Ocean! 

Beautiful Ocean Beach....

On the drive down to Ocean Beach, we had the pleasure of meeting a lovely lady & her new puppy....could not resist this photo op  :)
When visiting San Diego, please stop by Newport Avenue in Ocean Beach, you will not be disappointed...Until next time....Cheers! 

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Collecting....Crystal Chandeliers

During the 18th century glass chandeliers were produced by Bohemians and Venetian glass makers who were both masters in the art of making chandeliers. Bohemian style was largely successful across Europe and its biggest draw was the chance to obtain spectacular light refraction due to facets and bevels of crystal prisms. The trend continued through the years...and today the beauty of hand cut crystal chandeliers has never been more sought after. It seems almost every design magazine or book shows many examples unique to the each home's style, simple or elaborate. I love to see the petite ones tucked into an alcove or small bath, also love one in a bedroom and  the impact of a crystal chandelier over the dining table is stunning & dramatic. I always use a dimmer, I prefer the vintage & antique ones because the crystals are beautiful, deeply faceted, beveled & usually hand cut. I love to use the old ornate chains, easily found & really make a difference. Crystal chandeliers are one my very fave  decorating items, I usually have several in my home & shop...I never tire of the look, the glow, the way the light bounces off the crystals. Sharing with you a few of my faves...
Beautiful French chandelier hung over a simple farmhouse table...
Italian macaroni crystal beaded chandelier
Petite vintage chandy from Decor de Provence
Alex  Vervoordt
French Antique chandelier in Paris
Antique crystal & macaroni beaded Venetian Chandy
Love this setting...chandelier in the garden

Dining under a fabulous chandelier in France

Until next time....Cheers