Saturday, March 29, 2014

joy of Spring....the awws' of April

The month of April has always been a fave of mine...I love the name...April....sounds very fresh and lovely...April always makes me think of flowers, the smell of rain and warmer days to come. April is also the month, a very special person in my life, my Father was born...I have always associated April with joy & happy moments, because of my Father's loving & kind spirit....and also my family's celebration of Easter.  Living in southern Cali, we are blessed to have a very long Spring each year...April & May being the most brilliant months with beautiful skies, blooming flowers & trees and gorgeous green grass. I love the quote from...Byron Caldwell Smith...."Our spring has come at last with the soft laughter of April suns and shadow of April showers" and the quote from Shakespeare, "April hath put a spirit of youth into everything."
For me, the month of April, never disappoints....April always renews my spirit, promises & delivers the beautiful days before summer's warmth comes each year.

Sharing with you my joys of April...
gorgeous & fragrant lilacs...
Spring picnic in the garden...
Spring floral garland adorns the front door...via littlebitofsillynessreally
Spring al fresco...via worldofaerin
bunny love..via zsazsabellagio
lovely & delicate...Queen Anne's Lace via vibekedesign

Spring fleurs...via
the Spring table...via carolspinski

a Spring tulip graces the table setting...via boxwood clippings
celebrating the arrival of April...via wishflowers

Wishing you a joyful first week of April...Cheers


  1. Hello,
    I visited your beautiful blog and I want to thank you for all the great inspiration.
    There is such a great deal of inspiration in each post that I may draw from and put into my paintings.

    I hope you have a lovely day.
    Kindest regards,
    Carolina E.

  2. Hi, Carolina, thank you for your kind words, very pleased you stopped by & left a comment, I just visited your beautiful blog, I love your art...I look forward to following your blog.

    Best regards,
    Linda Ervin

  3. Linda-
    These images are breathtaking!
    I am so happy that spring has shown its pretty face!

  4. Teresa, thank you for stopping always inspire me! xx